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FOR OVER 25 YEARS OUR MISSIOn and goal has been to:


Further our understanding of the role that psychosocial, socio-emotional, and psychological factors play in the development, maintenance, and treatment of medical disease.  

Nathaniel Wharton Fund For Research In Brain Body and Behavior is a Medical Research Organization based in New York 

The foundation was founded in 1992 at Columbia University Medical Center to provide venture capital for innovative bio-behavioral research.

The Nathaniel Wharton Fund serves a unique function in support of innovative biomedical research at the intersection of mind, brain, and behavior with physical illness.  
The Fund supports a broad variety of projects in basic research, clinical care, and teaching at the Columbia University Medical Center. All activities are directed at finding practical ways to incorporate mind-body issues into the practices of medicine. 
The Fund also provides ongoing support for Columbia University Cardiovascular Psychophysiology Laboratory, a central facility for research in mind-body interactions. 
The Fund's small size permits the rapid support of innovative projects as new mind-body medical issues arise.  
Since 1997, approximately $1.9 million in Wharton Fund research support has resulted in more than $50 million of funding.